Take Cover

November 6, 2018

How do you find peace amidst earthly suffering, endless headlines, and personal anxiety? 

In Take Cover: Finding Peace in God’s Protection, Pastor and former police officer Philip De Courcy urges Christians to turn and take cover in God as their source of ultimate peace.

Drawing on lessons he learned in law enforcement, De Courcy offers practical advice and biblical examples to reveal that true security is not found in the absence of danger, but in the presence of God. In each chapter, Pastor Philip identifies major dangers today’s Christians face and prominent spiritual threats—including crime, North Korea, Islamic terror, aggressive secularism, and spiritual warfare.

Rather than providing escapist strategies or self-help guidance, De Courcy conversationally encourages readers to take cover in God to meet life’s challenges head-on—equipped with the spiritual strength only He can provide.


Peace in the midst of earthly suffering doesn’t come spontaneously to the believer. Our prayers, our worship, a Bible-centered worldview, and the armor God supplies are all essential instruments by which we must avail ourselves of the shelter God provides. I know of no better, clearer exposition of these themes than Philip De Courcy’s excellent book, Take Cover.”—Dr. John MacArthur

Take Cover by Philip De Courcy will equip and encourage you from God’s Word and challenge you to live in the victory Jesus gives all who trust in Him. Living under God’s protection is what this extraordinary book is about and I wholeheartedly endorse its author and message.”—Dr. Jack Graham

“Philip De Courcy’s new book Take Cover is packed with practical truths you need to navigate the storms raging around us today. He will point you to spiritual storm shelters God has provided. However, Take Cover is not a book about hiding from life and its troubles, but rather about meeting life’s challenges head-on with the spiritual resources God has provided in order that we find security and sufficiency.”—Dr. Mark Hitchcock