On the Mountain of the Lord

July 31, 2018

On the Mountain of the Lord is a thriller, superimposed over Biblical prophecy, history, and geography … I’m already looking forward to their next novel.”—Anne Graham Lotz

On the Mountain of the Lord … takes you on an amazing journey … you will feel the connection as you are being drawn in, being reconnected to the Promised Land and the people of Israel.”—Mark Blitz, bestselling author and founder of El Shaddai Ministries

“A remarkable and memorable plot line. Absolutely love it! Rosenberg, look out!”—Lloyd Pulley, pastor, author, and host of Bridging the Gap radio program

Submerged in doubt after a brutal car accident ripped his wife, child, and faith from him, Dr. Jack Garrison travels to Israel on a fact-finding mission. When he begins to experience inexplicable visions within hours of landing, he knows he’s in over his head.

Join Dr. Garrison as he teams up with longtime friend Lev and a dauntless female Israeli Border Police officer to battle a furtive yet deadly enemy. His journey will take him from the city streets of London to the furthest shores of the Mediterranean as he’s forced to confront his doubts and accept the astonishing possibility that he is witnessing an ancient prophecy unfold.

In On the Mountain of the Lord, watch history, prophecy, and current events leap to life as best-selling author Bodie Thoene and prophecy scholar Ray Bentley lead you on a journey that melds the past, present, and future into one unforgettable story.