God Will See You Through This

Megachurch Pastor and Government Ministry Leader Jim Garlow Offers 26 Hope-filled Life Lessons in New Book

Every Christian faces major struggles in life—sudden calamities and burning wounds that could never be prepared for. The impact can knock the spiritual wind out of us and leave us sprawled out on the ground—or send us straight to the strength of the father.

Jim Garlow calls these trials “this” moments. And God has a plan to lovingly see His followers through all of them.

After decades of ministry, Dr. Jim Garlow has experienced his share of “this” moments. In God Will See You Through This: 26 Life Lessons I Learned from the Father through the Joys and Hurts of Everyday Life , Jim humbly journeys alongside his audience to explore topics like:

  • Persevering through suffering
  • Seeking God in times of need
  • Facing incurable disease
  • Losing a loved one
  • Rebuilding with purpose and restoration

With the compassion of a father and the honesty of a friend, Jim shares 26 of the most important lessons he’s learned in life to show that God sees the end from the beginning and redemptively brings good out of bad, purpose out of tragedy.

In the words of Garlow, “God sees—from His vantage point—what you are in the process of becoming and the ways you will need those character traits to rule and reign with Him forever . . . and if you could see it, you would understand that God Will See You Through This!


From the highest mountains to the deepest valleys, Jim Garlow has walked it, lived it, and now shares it in a practical way that will satisfy those who ask, “What’s in there for ME?” You can thank me later for putting you onto this practical and powerful message!”

—Author, TV show host, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Every person has highs and lows. But the key is to learn not merely from the joys and successes of life, but to learn in the moments of pain and failure as well. In God Will See You Through This, Jim Garlow accomplishes this, which is why you should read it.”

—Author and former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich